How to Furnish Your First Home

1 Get some ideas! Do you want a modern style? Is your new apartment or home old style? Does it have a wooden kitchen or a new modern kitchen? Is it wooden decked or carpeted? What is it like?

2 Once you have a style you can... Buy some stuff! Your place is new and modern? You could start with maybe buying yourself a lounge. Freedom, IKEA, Domain.. Even vinnies! Or auntie Claire’s old sofa! Any modern sofa.

3 Consider getting a TV cabinet. This can be used to store your music & CD’S, your movies …. And you XBOX that you love.

4 Bring your TV from your old place (your parent’s home). Of course, that why you have a TV cabinet?!! Any television that you want.

5 Get a better bed! Or, have your bed from your old home and just get a new bedspread if you like. Pillows add some color and design to your home & bedroom.

6 Buy some kitchen supplies. A kettle, toaster for those mornings, spatulas, forks, knives, pots, pans. Etc.

7 Decide if you want a rug, or not! You really need a rug in your bedroom & than in your lounge room if you can afford.

8 Have a Coffee table! A coffee table is for you & your mates to put your drinks and lift your feet up onto whilst watching a chick flick or a funny comedy movie! Horror even if you’re that type of person!

9 Have a set of dresser drawers. A draw set in your bedroom! Maybe a mirror above it.

10 Have bed side takes and lamps! A bedside table on each side of the bed & 2 lamps on each one, if you can, paint your feature wall (wall bed is up against) a colour that your room will be themed ETC. Blue and red, pink and white, green and orange…. Mostly one colour and white is cool.

11 Make sure that you have bathroom things! Some soap, your hair supplies.. Don’t forget that moisturiser and hair creams. Makeup too! Maybe a toothbrush holder, some new coloured towels, a soap container if you don’t like the look of the soap bottle.. ETC.

12 If you have a study, just a simple desk and laptop or computer, or even just a desk for writing articles on paper.

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